Life as Vampire

Blood and the best ways to bite someone

by Amy Mah Vampire

The best way to bite someone of the opposite sex by a teenage vampire


Urges to bite: We all get those normal urges to bite things, and I must point out it is very normal.

Claws are all well and good in a fight but a bite gives the extra advantage of getting a refreshing drink during the fight.

Lots of girls worry about showing their Fangs, but apart from the daft rules of not showing them in public because it is rude, don't be shy, they can be a girl's greatest asset. OK,

second greatest asset. If someone is being rude to you, don't snarl at them just bite them! You are a Vampire... why do you think you have sharp teeth and powerful jaws

if not for sinking your teeth into someone?

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Where To BITE

Humans seem to think we always bite them on the neck, whereas it doesn't matter as they are just bags of blood.

Neck Bite: We bite other Vampires on the neck to show superiority but for humans it was due to fashion! In the past a human girl was covered from neck to toe in clothing,

boots, thick dresses, corsets and underwear that only a couple of maids and a tin opener could get her out of.

That meant only the neck was left available. The Neck Bite was also very useful on the dance floor with slow music and a long smooch which turned into a long drink.

Wrist Bite: The most common place to bite and be bitten.

Inner Thigh Bite: This is very good but hard to do without the human girl noticing.

True, we have some very progressive dances, but for a Male Vampire to stick his head up a human girl's skirt on the dance floor is just asking for trouble,

if not a lot of attention. Or, if tried in error on an unwilling Vampire girl, then it could lead to sudden death.


Wow, yes, blood. The taste, the feel and the pleasure of it... wowwwwww. (Sorry, getting a bit carried away again.)

Humans always think it is disgusting how we can like blood so much knowing where it comes from, well, all I have to say is that they eat eggs knowing where they come from.

And as to milk, well it's just perverted to enjoy milk unless you're a baby.

Forget the human movies about bathing in the blood of virgin teenage girls to keep young, it's rubbish - and besides, just where do you find virgin human teenagers now?

And, like, are you going to ask them personal questions about their love life before you add them as a bath salt? I think not.

Next the idea of filling a swimming pool full of blood is also only something for the movies.

1. You will need to kill off a small city to get that amount of blood.

2. Blood is too sticky to swim in.

3. It would start to congeal and change colour before it's half full, and form a skin on the surface that you could bounce off.


I can give it another name, and that is Dad and Daughter bonding, in the form of hunting trips.

This is when quality time can be spent with your Dad, no longer is he the old fashion monster of a Male that storms into your bedroom without knocking while you're changing

and demanding that you apologise to your Mother for something that she is shouting at him about.

I personally have my Uncle take me out on these trips and apart from the boring bits where he tries to teach me patience when watching the prey,

they are fantastic fun. We get to run across rooftops together and generally both act as overgrown kids,

and at the end of the night I've always built up a incredible appetite. We then finish off with a filling meal that my uncle has picked out for me.


As you know there are more than 200 minor human blood groups, but most people stick with just the common ones: A, B, AB, and O.

We all get to know which blood groups we like and which we don't - but remember they can be mixed for more interesting tastes, or better still mixed with chocolate.

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