Bad hair Day Everyday Book one by Amy Mah




by Amy Mah

A Bad Hair Day (Everyday)

A Funny and Unique take on Male to Female body changing, Age Regression. Alien possession and School work Starting High School with a hair style that can kill.

But having living hair is nothing compared to the day to day problems of being host to an alien parasite.

Excerpt:... Mistakenly making herself home for an Alien Parasite was not as bad as it sounded or so the voices in her head told her, She was of course too old to have invisible friends, so she had put the voices down to just being mad and normally simply tried to ignore them. Now her hair was a completely different matter as if ignored then it became unmanageable. Looking in the bathroom mirror, what she saw was a naked but well-formed, lightly tanned body. Using two hands, she pushed her breasts up and smiled at the result. Firm-breasted and with an air of someone who looked after her figure, she was "Hot": shoulder-length natural (or maybe supernatural) blonde Hair had a cute fringe that curled down one side of her face. As she watched, the fringe began to braid itself until it looked more like a snake than a cute hairstyle, and the rest of the Hair had now decided to form a tight bun on the top of her head.She knew it was normal for a girl to worry about her hair, but that was as far as normal went; her personal worry was how to explain to the police about the bodies if she forgot to feed it again, and it would get in a bad mood and kill someone. She had heard of other people having uncontrollable hair, but she was sure that they did not mean it in quite the same way.

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